Bella Hadid amazes in stunning leather pants and boots in New York

by Bella Hadid is one of the underrated fashionistas. She has quite the fashion taste, but because she rarely draws attention to herself, it remains under the radar. Despite that, Bella looks great pretty much at all times. Mostly she … Continued

The most daring celebrities in high heels for December 2016

by Late and hotter than ever. It’s our list of the best, most daring celebrities in high heels for December 2016. We’re about to melt the snow! We took our sweet time with this collection and we do apologize to … Continued

Here’s what to know and do for your first time wearing high heels

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by A lot of women have problems with high heels because they don’t follow some simple tips. This can be worsen if you’re about to wear heels for the first time. Believe or not, a lot of women start wearing … Continued

Blast from the past – Cheryl Cole in stunning leather and boots from 2009

by Cheryl Cole has fallen from the spotlight lately giving room to family life. Here she is from her prime in 2009 in boots and leather for a John Wright shoot. Cheryl has always had a very interesting style. She’s … Continued

Sarah Hyland and Vanessa Hudgens impress in OTK boots

by OTK boots are the perfect footwear for the winter. They keep you warm and look great, especially if you know how to team them with your outfit. Vanessa Hudgens and Sarah Hyland showed us two great examples on how … Continued

Mariah Carey melts the snow in Aspen with her stunning high heels

by Mariah Carey changed up her style quite a lot in 2016. She’s become much more daring even for casual days out and about. Her high heels are always stunning. Mariah was in Aspen, Colorado a few days ago. The … Continued

High heel celebrities of the week – Sara Michelle Gellar and Charlotte McKinney

by Once again we have two high heel celebrities of the week. This time two very different styles, but with the same stunning results. That’s how it’s done! They are Sara Michelle Gellar and Charlotte McKinney. Both in stunning outfits … Continued

Three top exercises to minimize high heel pain

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by High heels bring a lot of women to polarizing heights. They love the look and feel like a million bucks, but it comes at a painful price. For some at least. There are many reasons why you might feel … Continued

Emma Roberts looks great out and about in OTK boots and leggings

by Emma Roberts showed us once again she knows how to dress. Even when she’s simply out and about on a casual day. She wowed in superb boots and leggings. Emma went shopping in West Hollywood. And she dressed up … Continued

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