Blast from the past – 15 pictures of Kristen Bell in high heels

by Kristen Bell has been around for some time now and has always managed to stay on top of her game. This includes her fashion style, too. While she rarely goes for daring outfits, Kristen is often very elegant and … Continued

7 celebrities in boots from the past week

by February is an ideal time for boots. The weather is just right and it gives the opportunity for some fashion freedom. Some celebrities took full advantage. Boots are ideal footwear for quite a lot of occasions. Apart from strict formal … Continued

Adriana Lima wows in a short black leather dress and boots in London

by Lately Adriana Lima has turned up the heat a notch or two. She has gone for a slightly more provocative, but still very elegant style and a lot of leather. Adriana was a guest at the Maybelline Bring on … Continued

Genius Stick offers another way to keep your high heels clean

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by Keeping your shoes clean is vital not only for their good looks, but also for your comfort. Genius Stick offers an easy way to keep your high heels clean. Genius Stick is the creation of Vilma Anoochic Heer. She … Continued

6 gorgeous celebrities in high heels at BET’s American Black Film Festival Honors Awards 2017

by It’s the season of award shows and celebrities are very busy with attending them. This means some great fashion spotting and sights for us fans. One of the latest ceremonies was BET’s American Black Film Festival Honors Awards 2017. … Continued

20 stunning pictures of Mariah Carey in high heels

by Mariah Carey has gone through several transformations over the years. Her latest one features a very daring style with matching high heels. So, naturally, she has been a regular feature here on GlamorousHeels. Despite that, we haven’t covered qute all of … Continued

The stunning celebrities in high heels at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2017

by The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2017 event gathered quite a lot of celebrities. Among them some stunning supermodels and actresses in high heels. As you can expect, the event allowed some leeway for more provocative outfits. So, some celebs … Continued

How to maintain your shoes and high heels’ top quality with ease (Infographic)

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by If you love high heels as much as us, then your heels also see a lot of miles in their lifetime. How to maintain our shoes and high heels with ease? This is the question we often hear. After we … Continued

Emily Ratajkowski rocks New York street style in boots

by Emily Ratajkowski has a great fashion taste and style. She proved this once again by rocking a great street style in boots in New York. As we’ve often said, it’s quite difficult to pull off a mixed look of … Continued

19 stunning celebrities in leather and high heels from the past week

by We love leather and high heels. Maybe only celebrities love it more than us. Why? Because they keep on wearing it more and more and better than ever. Most celebs put leather in the wardrobe for the coldest days … Continued

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