Foot surgeon reveals the only high heels hacks which actually work

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by There are a lot of high heel hacks out there. They claim they make wearing heels all day bearable and even comfortable. But one surgeon does not agree. Dr. Hillary Brenner is a podiatric surgeon from New York. ThisIsInsider … Continued

Kate Beckinsale looks incredible in a tight leather skirt in high heels in NY

by We love the elegant everyday look. It works great everywhere and looks superb everywhere. Kate Beckinsale’s last outfit of leather and high heels proves it. This type of look is easy to accomplish and gives you a lot of … Continued

How to choose the right boots this winter

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by Winter is coming and it’s time for our favorite boots. There are a lot of types of boots, so how to choose the right ones for you? Here’s how. The Cleveland Clinic has published a special guide with several … Continued

Hailee Steinfeld shows some amazing legs in high heels in Tokyo

by Singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld continues to raise her fashion bar. She’s wowed with a daring but elegant outfit and high heels in Tokyo. Hailee is at the Hearst Fujingaho Beauty Festival in Tokyo. She’s one of the special … Continued

Hailee Steinfeld rocks sky high heels and a leather mini skirt in London

by Hailee Steinfeld is one of the celebrities who you can always turn to for great fashion ideas. Her latest choice of high heels and a leather skirt proved it once again. Hailee was at the Global Radio Studios in … Continued

The best celebrities in high heels for September 2016

by September 2016 is gone and we will remember it with a lot of stunning celebrities in high heels. And not only because of the four big fashion weeks. While they did in fact brought is a huge amount of … Continued

Gigi Hadid and Nicola Peltz wow in boots and leather in Paris

by Gigi Hadid and Nicola Peltz were among the guests of Givenchy’s fashion show in Paris. Both ladies wowed with their style in boots and leather respectively. Gigi and Nicola weren’t together on the event, but certainly added a lot … Continued

Hailey Baldwin stuns in sky high heeled leather booties in Paris

by American model Hailey Baldwin continues to impress with her fashion game. She stunned everyone in Paris by rocking a pair of sky high heeled leather booties. Hailey seems to be hitting her fashion stride lately. Each of her new … Continued

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