Check out Rihanna’s latest daring outfits and high heel for her Anti World Tour

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Check out Rihanna's latest daring outfits and high heel for her Anti World TourRihanna’s new Anti World Tour has kicked off. As you can expect, the famous singer has gone all out once again with daring outfits and high heels.

Rihanna’s latest outfits for her concert seem to try and provoke at all ends of the spectrum. You will see her in sky high chap boots, lace up high heels, booties, you name it.

She is also wearing stilettos, pumps. It seems like she does a mini fashion show with every concert. The wide variety of shoes she uses also makes it easier for her feet to handle and adjust to the pressure of dancing and walking for a few hours every day.

Rihanna in high heels

We are sure that as the Anti World Tour goes on, Rihanna will modify her outfits and high heels even more. But for now, here are some of the outfits she rocks during her concerts.


Rihanna in booties

Rihanna on her Anti World Tour


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