You won’t believe the easy solution scientists have found to prevent blisters from high heels

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by After years of household tips on how to prevent blisters from high heels, scientists have now found a solution. You won’t believe how simple it is. They say sometimes the simplest things in life are the ones that mean … Continued

High heels are not always the cause of osteoarthritis, says podiatrist

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by High heels are often blamed for osteoarthritis, but according to a podiatrist specialist, the shoes are not always the culprit. There is much more to it. The topic on high heels and health once again came to light after … Continued

Surprise! High heels can be healthy…up to a point

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by In a question of who to believe anymore, after all the hate and health warnings about high heels, now specialists say they can be healthy if you don’t overdo it. A report in the International Journal of Clinical Practice details … Continued

Wearing high heels for too long can aid the development of Motron’s neuroma

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by We know, we know, you love high heels. We do too. But if you wear them ALL the time, you can bring in some problems, especially at older age. Like Morton’s neuroma for example. A new research from the Health … Continued

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