10 DIY high heel hacks you should know

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10 DIY high heel hacks you should knowIf you are here, chances are you love high heels and you know your stuff. Even so, there are some nifty DIY high heel hacks which you might not know… yet.

There are some great ways to restore you heels, keep them in a good shape for longer. And also generally be even more comfortable in them, JacarandaFM reports.

There are also some interesting ideas to create unique looks and styles. They might not be up to everyone’s tastes, but that’s part of fashion.

For example, how to create the unique “sock heel” look. Simple – put actual socks over a pair of high heels. Then make a small hole for the heel and stick on shoe-sole pads for extra grip.

There are also now special sole paints. This way you can paint the soles of your heels in any color you want and create unique looks.

There are also some more complex DIY high heels hacks which you can do. They involve more work, but can produce some one-off looks. So, if you view fashion as a way to express yourself, making a pair of your very-own unique high heels is the way to do so.

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