10 high heel problems women face daily

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Wearing high heels can be an event and really fun. But it can also be quite a challenging experience. Here are a few high heel problems women face daily.

The problems are as seen by Cosmopolitan but we’ve added our special touch to them, too. Plus they see some things as problems and we don’t. But lets get on with it.

The first high heel problem women face daily, according to Cosmopolitan, is the sheer terror of walking on rough surfaces in high heels. You have to keep staring at your feet terrified your heel is going to get caught in something and break or tumble you over.

Then comes the irritation of having placed bandaids on the back of your heels for more comfort but as you walk, they keep falling off. The end result is not good. Ah, how you now wish you had opted for a different more comfortable pair of heels.

Or when you wear high heels from early in the morning all day long afterwards. It can get quite painful if you are not trained for it.

Did we mentioned rough surfaces? How about cobblestone? They are the biggest challenge a woman in high heels could ever face. Bigger even than slippery surfaces on sky high heels with leather or plastic soles.

Then comes the time when you put on a pair of high heels and think “oh, yes, these are sooo comfy”. A few hours later though you regret that thought. Usually the reason is either too much pressure on the feet or you simply walked too much for too long without taking much breaks. Pace yourself more.

Or how about when you own too many pairs of high heels. Is that even a thing? Is it possible? Well, yes. If you don’t feel like going through your shoes to choose a pair, or simply can’t pick because you can’t decide between several pairs, so you end up not really wearing most of the heel you have, then yes, you maybe have too many pairs.

Then there are the times when you pick a pair that it is a little bit bigger to prevent it from rubbing on your ankles, but you keep slipping in the shoes. That’s the perfect time to try out those cushions and pads.

One of the most irritating problems usually is when you wear sandals. Then the baby toe keeps trying to escape and go “out of boundaries” or gets squished behind a strap looking bad and hurting. That can be quite irritating.

Another daily problem is the height issue. Not when you need extra height, but keeping wondering if your date is the type of guys who doesn’t really like if you turn up to be slightly taller than him. But that can be a good thing. If he is insecure about a woman in high heels who is taller than him, then maybe you are better off with someone else.

Just pain. Definitely the most irritating high heels problem. It can be something as small as little discomfort on a toe or on the heel to a burning ball of the foot to a full ankle and foot pain. There are remedies, but still… quite uncomfortable.

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