10 reasons why women love high heels

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10 reasons why women love high heels
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Most women love high heels. Nothing new here. But have you ever thought why women love high heels? There are many reasons they do.

We have asked our friends, scoured the web and simply observed. We ended up with 10 reasons why women love high heels. This doesn’t mean that all women will agree with all 10 reasons and that these ten are all there is to it. They are simply the ones we’ve heard and/or seen the most often and are in no particular order.

So, here are 10 reasons why women love high heels

They simply like the look

Kind of obvious really. Most ladies like the look of high heels and love to add them to their wardrobe. The more the merrier we say.

They like the feel of it

Wearing high heels brings a feeling that is difficult to describe. It depends on how fit you are but it can be pretty nice when the shoes fit just right. Plus it makes the entire body more curvy and feminine.

They like the extra height

Putting on a pair of high heels can bring you up a notch in the world quite literaly. Being a few inches higher is a nice treat for some women. After all a legend says high heels were invented by a woman who was sick of being kissed on the forehead. Well, the true history of heels is different, but we can understand that legend.

They feel more confident

Being higher, sexier and more feminine makes women feel a lot more confident. A lot of ladies will say it is a great feeling ot put on a pair of killer heels and go about your day. That confidence is easily visible for everyone and has an effect on them.

They like the attention

There are almost no women in this world that don’t like to have some attention on them. Even if from time to time. A pair of nice high heels is one of the best ways to draw attention no matter what the rest of the outfit is.

They like the choice and variety

You’ve probably noticed that the women’s department in most shoe stores is quite bigger than the men’s. The reason for that is very simple. There is simply so much more choice. There are so many different high heels you mind can get dizzy simply by thinking about it.

They like the effect they have on men

It’s been scientifically proven that high heels have an effect on men. Any true lady would know how to use this to her advantage.

It makes them feel special or the day feel more special

Sometimes you need a little pick me up. Wearing a pair of nice high heels can mean the world. So yes, you can make your day that much more special when you are in your favorite high heels.

They feel more girly

Putting on a pair of high heels will make your whole body look more feminine. The legs will be longer, the hups will sway more. Add the notion of extra “girly-girl” that are high heels and voila, you feel like a woman with the dial all up to 11.

They feel more sexy

All women want to be sexy. The right pair of high heels wil make you the sexiest ever.

What are your top reasons why you like high heels? Let us know in the comments below.

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