10 things you will understand only if you wear high heels

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10 things you will understand only if you wear high heelsWearing high heels has it’s fair share of bad moments and own way ot thinking. There are things only girls who wear high heels will understand. Here are some of them.

These are thoughts by Rati Agrawal from iDiva and we agree with them. With some we agree so much, we expanded them a little bit. Just a little.

Tripping over. You wear high heels all the time, yet you still can easily trip and fall especially on bad pavements. But what chan you do.. You pick your sell up, dust off and go on. Who knows, maybe one day the man of your dreams will help you get up?

Shoe bites. Yes, yes, you do know how to choose high heels that fit. But in the real life things are always different and sometimes your best fitting shoes can bite you. That’s why you carry band-aids with you after all.

Confidence. You’re THE ONE when you wear your high heels. It’s like you have your own Hollywood background music when you walk in a room and everybody are mesmerised.

Pain. The price for that confidence often is pain. Even when you have taken measures and you look after your feet.

Infrastructure. When is the city going to fix all of the bad sidewalks and crumbling stairs? Some us are wearing high heels…

The spares. You have a spare pair of comfy shoes at your, in your car, maybe even in your bag. Because no matter how much you love your high heels, sometimes it is just best for both sides to take a little break from each other. Or maybe you simply don’t want to risk ruining your heels in the local transport…

You know you look good. No matter what you wear, you know your high heels are making you look like a million bucks. Still, that may not always be the case, so it is best to continue paying attention to the rest of your outfit as well.

You change. Walking in normal shoes is one thing, but walking in high heels is a whole different game. You know it and you start walking and moving in a way that will not let those glamorous heels down.

No more being called Shorty. Instead you get called Sexy. All thanks to your high heels.

You love them even when you’re not wearing them. Some times you can actually love them more because you are no longer wearing them. Especially after a loong tiresome day.


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