20 stunning pictures of Mariah Carey in high heels

Mariah Carey has gone through several transformations over the years. Her latest one features a very daring style with matching high heels.

So, naturally, she has been a regular feature here on GlamorousHeels. Despite that, we haven’t covered qute all of Mariah stunning outfits, high heels and appearances.

So, we decided to try and make some ground. As a result, we have 20 stunning pictures of Mariah Carey in high heels.

Mariah is not afraid to be daring. In fact, she oven goes way beyond that. You could give it to the nature of the show business and trying to stay in the headlines. But one can always tell if you’re doing that just because or if you really have it in you.

Mariah definitely has it. She seems confident and pleased when she rocks those daring outfits and high heels. Here is some photographic evidence of that.

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