The best celebrities in high heels for April 2016

Here we go again! The best celebrities in high heels for April 2016 have been chosen! It was a busy month with a lot of great outfits and heels. As always, we are skipping the major events, well most of … Continued

Jimmy Fallon gets a catwalk lesson from the stunning Gisele Bundchen in high heels

Gisele Bundchen may be retired, but she’s still one of the best. She reminded us that when she gave a catwalk lesson to Jimmy Fallon in high heels. The supermodel was a guest on Fallon’s The Tonight Show to talk … Continued

Hailee Steinfeld loves high heels so much, she forgets when she’s wearing them

If you follow Hailee Steinfeld’s career, you’ve noticed her fashion transformation. Today she loves high heels so much, she even forgets  she’s wearing them! This may sound a little confusing. If you also love to wear high heels so much though, … Continued

Shay Mitchell shows off in three outfits and high heels in a single day

Actress and model Shay Mitchell had a busy day in which she took the opportunity to rock three different stunning outfits and pairs of high heels. Now that is an impressive fashion accomplishment. It is normal for celebs to change … Continued

Eight beautiful celebrities in leather and high heels from the past week

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The five best celebrities in high heels for the week

What just happened? Well, this week we have not one, but five best celebrities in high heels for you. More and more celebs are hitting their fashion strides. Since the weather is getting warmer, more celebrities are starting to show … Continued

Hailee Steinfeld wows in purple robe and high heels at the 2016 SESAC Pop Music Awards

Hailee Steinfeld looked superb during the 2016 SESAC Pop Music Awards. The young starlet rocked a purple robe and stylish high heels to stand out. Hailee showed that you can look stunning without always wearing short skirts or revealing dresses. … Continued

Here’s how the Kardashians handle wearing high heels all day long

The entire Kardashian clan, including the Jenner sisters, love high heels. So they are great for tip on how to wear heels all day long and live through it. Chances are you can’t really recall when you’ve seen Kim Kardashian, … Continued

Mariah Carey flaunts her new stunning figure in high heels

Mariah Carey is back in the spotlight with her new tour and album. She also has new impressive looks which she loves to show off in high heels. Mariah has taken to Instagram to post and show off her latest … Continued