Sofia Carson impresses in a stylish red dress and platform high heels in NYC

Sofia Carson is known for her elegant, but quite attractive style. She knows how to balance being slightly provocative with being elegant quite well. She is New York City now to promote the Descendants 2 movie. And she was at … Continued

The most stunning celebrities in high heels at the Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 event

The Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 event gathered quite a few stunning celebrities. As you can imagine, most rocked impressive outfits and high heels. As a result, there were several stunning celebrities in high heels at the event in Hollywood. And … Continued

Charlize Theron looked as daring as ever in a revealing outfit and high heels at the Atomic Blonde premiere

Charlize Theron is among the celebrities who usually are quite selective with their outfits and look for very elegant and simple style. Not always though. Sometimes Charlize wants to be as daring as they come. One of these times was … Continued

Cara Delevingne wows in a transparent metallic dress and high heels in Hollywood

Cara Delevingne is really upping the ante on her fashion style. She was one of the many guests at the ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ premiere in Hollywood. But she was easily the one to remember thanks … Continued

Joanna Krupa wows in a nude lace dress and high heels in Poland

Supermodel Joanna Krupa was in Warsaw, Poland and appeared on the Good Morning TVN TV show. She wowed in a superbly elegant dress and matching high heels. Joanna has always rocked a great style. Elegant, attractive, classy. Those are the … Continued

Sofia Carson impresses in a golden dress and high heels at the Descendants 2 premiere

The Descendants 2 premiere gathered quite a few celebrities and the cast. Among them was Sofia Carson who impressed in a stunning golden dress and heels. Sofia has always had a taste for the elegant, but slightly more attractive style. … Continued

High heel celebrity of the week – Olivia Munn for two great pairs of shoes in one day

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Blast from the past: Jennifer Lopez in high heels in the 90s

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Victoria Justice is back in the spotlight with a stunning outfit and high heels

Victoria Justice is back! She seemed to had taken a step back from the spotlight recently. Now she’s here and her fashion style is as impressive as ever. Victoria was at the opening of the Highlight Room in Hollywood. She … Continued