30-year-old corporate man wears high heels to work and here’s why

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30-year-old corporate man wears high heels to work and here's why
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Kat N.L.M.

High heels are usually associated with women and many ladies love the way they feel when they rock these types of shoes. Men can feel the same way and want to. At least this is the case with this 30-year-old banker from Sydney.

Ashley Maxwell lam is a project manager in the insurance industry. Three times a week he wears high heels to work, The Weekly Observer reports.

The reason? He loves the way he feels when he wears high heels. Lam says a while back he was talking to a colleague and she told him high heels make her feel strong.

“I asked her how an object could make you feel strong?” Says the 30-year-old and adds that the answer he received was “Try and you will understand.”

“I did it and I immediately realized it was true. I have never felt stronger since I wore a pair high heels and walked in the marble lobby”, he adds.

Ashley also says he got mostly positive reaction from his colleagues. Of course, not everyone were pleased. And Ashley was even more surprised that homosexuals were the ones who mostly reacted negative. This is probably because they fell it’s a label.

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