5 stunning supermodels in high heels at Victoria’s Secret Auditions in New York

Each year Victoria’s Secret has special auditions for new supermodels to take part in their annual Fashion Show. The candidates are always stunning.

This time we’ve chosen five of the most stunning supermodels that attended the auditions. Did they get the approval and a contract?

We will find out when the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs later this year. But they already won us over with their superb style and confidence. Here they are.

Robin Hozken impressed with a casual, but attractive and elegant outfit. It featured a classic, fitted white crop top which she teamed with a wrap-around black leather skirt.

Robin opted for interesting and elegant black and silver strapped high heels. She completed her look with a small purse and an elegant almost no-makeup look.

Megan Irminger looked jaw-dropping, too. She opted for a fitted black shirt which she tucked into an equally fitted and tight black leather skirt.

The skirt was with a high waist, but very short. Megan teamed the look with a pair of suede ankle-booties. She also kept her long hair loose and looked quite impressive.

Hannah Ferguson opted for a classic outfit of a white T-shirt and skinny jeans. But the overall result was more than just classic.

It was quite stunning, especially when teamed with a pair of red strapped high heels. Hannah also rocked her hair long and loose.

Dana Taylor also impressed with a bold, casual outfit. She rocked an almost see-through black striped shirt which she paired with classic fitted black leather pants. What wasn’t classic was that the pants were ripped like jeans at the knees.

Dana teamed this look with a pair of elegant asymmetrically-strapped high heels. She also kept her hair loose and looked quite good.

Last, but not least, Alexina Graham impressed in an elegant fitted blue dress. It was a classic style, well fitted and short.

Alexina teamed the dress with a pair of classic strappy high heels. She also added a bigger purse and also kept her hair loose. Looking quite good.

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