7 key tips how to choose the right high heels

Wearing high heels is a roller coaster. You feel great and on top of the world. Then you feel pain and want to hide somewhere. It’s all because of wrong choices of footwear.

GhanaWeb has published 7 great tips on how to pick the right high heels. We’ve covered the topic often here, but some new tips are always welcome.

Also, some of the tips have to be reminded from time to time. The result? An interesting guide of 7 key tips on how to choose the right high heels.

Heels can be very useful to women, however when you wear the wrong heels, you can develop a great deal of problems including painful heels, back pains, and pressure on the spine. The following guidelines can be useful when choosing the right heels, writes GhanaWeb.

7 key tips how to choose the right high heels

1. Invest in quality high heels. This means quality materials. Leather lasts longer and it is much more comfortable. Avoid plastics and similar materials for shoes which you intend to use for a lot of walking.

2. Also, look closely at the build quality of the shoes. Their toe boxes have to be able to bend and should have a slight raise from the floor at the very tip. The toe boxes also should not be able to bend so much to be folded. Look how the shoes are stitched and what type of lining they have. Leather is best.

3. It is useful to take your new shoes to the cobbler to ensure loose parts are fitted properly. Also, check if the heels are well balanced.

4. Try the shoe on before purchasing. Do well to walk in them and don’t forget to turn as you walk to be sure they are comfortable. Some say to buy shoes later in the day as the feet swell.

5. Consider the height of the heels. Shoes are considered heels when their height is about 3.5 inches high and above. Go for what works for you. If you are new to high heels, start with low heights and work your way up. Choose the shoes based on the occasion you need them for. The steeper the shoes’ angle, the more difficult it is to walk in them. Shoes with platforms tend to be more comfortable than those without them. Try on you new shoes and practice walking in them at home before the day you plan to wear them so your feet gets adjusted to them.

6. If you have heavy foot, go in for thicker heels but if you have a thinner foot, go in for thinner heels. This is to ensure maximum stability when walking.

7. Lastly, invest in shoe sprays to help prolong the life span of the shoes. After wearing them, do well to clean them properly and polish them when necessary. Sprinkle some baking soda or talcum powder into your shoes to take care of shoe odor and protect your feet from harmful bacteria.

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