A judge wants to ban high heels “to serve womankind”

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A judge in the High Court of Ireland says he would love to be able to ban high heels which would “serve womankind”. All of this because on an incident.

It all started on May 17th 2009 in Dublin. A woman was outside a nightclub and fell and broke her ankle. The woman claimed she fell because of a piece of broken pavement and sued the Dublin City Council.

The Council denied liability for the incident. It claimed the woman was intoxicated to such an extent she wasn’t able to walk and control herself. The woman denied that claim and said she had three drinks the whole evening.

A very long court battle began. During it the woman, Alison Boylan, said she was wearing high heels that she had bought that same day. Upon requested, she showed the shoes to the judge Michael Hanna who said: “I think I might serve womankind if I could stop people wearing those shoes, but that is not my function.”

Now, we are far from feminists, but what is up with that word “womankind”? This whole episode just seems wrong.

In the end, the judge didn’t have to come to a decision. Boylan and the Council said they have reached a settlement but the terms of it weren’t disclosed.

The judge congratulated the parties on reaching agreement before commenting: “You have relieved me from having to make a major fashion statement”, The Irish Times reports.

To be honest we can’t see how you can serve anyone by banning them from something. By this logic someone could say escalators should be banned because you can fall and they are basically moving stairs. Like we said during Flatgate, people should be free to wear whatever they want.

Instead of imposing bans on high heels or other shoes, it would be much better to impose a ban on companies, organizations, events and so on to set up mandatory rules that someone should wear a given type of shoe. The only place where such a rule is acceptable is construction sites and other risky working places where proper foot protection is a must. But for red carpets, offices, stores and so on, people should be free to wear whatever they feel comfortable in be it flats or killer high heels.

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