A little pain from your high heels might be good for you

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A little pain from your high heels might be good for you
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Sharon Durthaler

We’ve said time and time again that high heels should not be uncomfortable and you should take action. A new study says a little pain from your high heels is good for you.

Wait. What? Now you should bite the bullet and just go on with the pain? Scientists, right? One day they say high heels are the worst thing that ever happened to women, the next day they say “hey, you know what? Heels aren’t all bad…”

So in the latest case of “High heels are good… maybe” we have a research from the International Urogynecological Journal. It says wearing just 2-inch high heels activates the pelvic floor muscles, which run horizontal underneath the bladder, the Daily Mail reports.

This activity works the muscles and increases their strength. Having pelvic floor muscles in good condition is very important. It redues the risks of stress incontinence but more importantly it helps your love life.

You see, the pelvic floor muscle contracts during orgasm so women with stronger pelvic floor have more frequent orgasms. The benefits of that should be quite obvious.

Another study though says, that wearing high heels prematurely ages your knees. Other scientists say men prefer women in high heels. A third says high heels can help elderly people from falling as it heightenes the balance senses…

So where is the truth in all this? Well, the bitter truth is that they are all right. Each study researches different conditions and outcomes. They all vary from person to person.

The truth is that wearing high heels is like almost anything else – it is individual. If you feel good in your heels, even with a little pain, then go for it. If you don’t feel yourself in high heels or the pain is unbearable, by all means, seek either pain reliefs or alternative footwear. Whatever you like, it is your comfort at first place. Remember that.

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