A woman had surgery on her feet to wear high heels

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A woman had surgery on her feet to wear high heelsMany women love high heels. But some maybe love them a little bit too much. Like Denise Maione-Schwind from New York for example.

Recently Denise has gone under a surgery on her feet to change both their shape and size for one reason only. To be able to wear high heels comfortably, the Express notes.

Denise is addicted to high heels. So much she wears them all the time. Sadly her heels kept causing her pain. She couldn’t feel the pleasure and confidence of high heels because of the pain.

The problem was caused mainly by the bunion on her left foot. “The thought of not being able to wear heels again was daunting – as someone who loves to dance and enjoy life, flats were not an option – I was determined to dance in heels again”, Denise says.

She decided to have surgery. It is quite an expensive one but it has done before on some women with similar problems. It is known as a bunionplasty and features either shortening of the toes or a complete reshaping of the feet. The procedure is also nicknamed “The Cinderella surgery”.

Denise, who is 35 and works as a flight attendant, saved up for the operation and recently had it. She says she was able to walk again within a week after that.

“During the healing process I was required to wear a protective shoe which was a conversation starter. But I never knew how many people have bunions – some bigger and more agonising than others – and unless I tell them, no-one can tell I had the surgery”, Denise says.

She is now able to wear all types of high heels with no pain. She even hopes to run the New York marathon.

That may be a problem though. Denise’s lifestyle and schedule are quite busy. So busy she put off the surgery for years until it truly became unbearable to walk in heels.

Whether having such a surgery just to be able to wear pretty shoes is something that can be classified as reasonable we can’t really say. It’s a matter of own life choice and preferences. But if Denise is happy, we’re happy. Plus we get to have another lady stay in the high heel club.

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