Alice Eve shows off a classy elegant style and high heels in New York

Star Trek star Alice Eve certainly knows how to dress up. The British actress showed off a classy elegant everyday style in high heels in New York.

Alice opted for a beautiful outfit which brought together different styles for a great result. It’s a look that works great for quite a wide array of events or simply when you are out and about but want to be a bit more elegant.

The main feature of Alice’s outfit was a very long beige coat. It had a clean cut with little to no extra details on it. The coat didn’t even have buttons.

This meant Alice rocked it wide open which revealed her main outfit. She opted for a stylish long yellow dress. It was a lemon-like color with several buttons at the front and a matching belt.

To complete the look, Alice opted for nude colored high heels. They had almost rounded toe boxes and a hidden platform. The heels added the final touch to Alice’s elegant look.

She opted for little to no makeup and only tiny earrings. That was more than enough to make her look great, though.

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