An app will scan your feet to make the perfect high heels for you

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High heels are awesome, but also quite specific. What’s comfortable for one person can be quite uncomfortable for another. A new mobile app wants to help.

The goal of the app is simple, but ambitious. To be able to make the perfectly comfortable pair of high heels for any feet.

What makes a pair of high heels comfortable or not is all about the shape. And more precisely: how the shape of the shoe matches the shape of the foot.

The app is True Gault. It can make a 3D scan of the foot. For now it’s only available for iPhone 5 or newer, BusinessInsider reports. The developers are working on versions for Android too, but that can take time.

When you launch the app, you will have to give some details like shoe size, height, weight. Of course, you can and should give the app your preferences for heel height, heel type, design and colors. You can also note to the app if you have medical or physical issues with your feet.

Next you can choose from over 19 different shoe designs with over 70 fabrics and leather possible. All of the fabrics are genuine which makes the prices of the shoes a bit high at about $250 to $350. Still, that’s for custom shoes made for you, so it’s not that much.

The app then gives you precise directions on how to make the 3D scan of your feet yourself. All you need is the camera on your iPhone and to follow the instructions.

Next, you place your order and wait. The app will keep you updated on how your order is going and when it’s shipped – usually about 3 to 4 weeks. True Gault will remember your scan so you don’t need to make it for your next pair. Unless of course your weight changes or there’s another reason why you might want to rescan your feet.

The app needs scans of both feet since no one has two exact feet. This means each shoe is unique and comfortable for the person who’s feet were scanned.

When you get your shoes and try them out, they should be quite comfortable for you. Of course, it’s always possible there’s a problem. You can then go back to the True Gault app and use the Fitting tab where you can give additional details about the specific issues.

The app itself is free, so you can try it out. Hopefully soon there will be an Android version as well.

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