Anna Kendrick looks stylish in high heels at The Accountant premiere in London

Anna Kendrick gathered the attention during the premiere of The Accountant in London. She looked stylish in an almost casual outfit and high heels.

Anna loves the more casual look without going too overboard. Even so, she usually manages to look stylish, too.

This was the case at The Accountant premiere, as well. She looked great.

Anna opted for a long pink-ish dress. It had a flaring skirt and a thin black leather belt at the waist.

Anna also rocked a pair of stylish high heels. They featured transparent sides at the foot arch and created a more floating look. And looked quite stylish.

Anna completed her look with a small black handbag. She kept her hair loose, but styled in a nice way.

Anna stuck to her more casual look with the makeup too. She opted for some accenting makeup and eyeliner, but didn’t go overboard with it.

Overall she had a great, stylish look seemingly with little effort. This made her quite popular with photographers and fans who all wanted to take pictures of her and with her.

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