Anna Kendrick sizzles in sky high platform high heels at the Today Show

Anna Kendrick usually sticks to a more casual style, but when she wants, she can be sizzling hot. And she makes it look very easy with little effort.

Anna was at the Today Show in New York this week. She opted for a very simple outfit which she spiced up with the aforementioned high heels.

Anna rocked a simple long black jumpsuit. It had a wide strap going behind her neck and a tight fit at the top. The outfit then was wider with a looser fit at the legs.

It was all black and featured small decorative pockets. And that’s pretty much it.

Since it was so simple, Anna spiced things up a bit. She rocked a pair of very daring sky high heels. They had thick platforms, peep-toe design and some very thin and very, very high heels.

The shoes also had straps going around the foot, below the ankle. The goal was to keep them in place and add more stability. Even so, Anna rocked them with ease and looked confident in them.

We’re used to see her in lower shoes, so these daring platforms certainly caught us off guard. But Anna does look stunning and the outfit and the shoes balance each other well.

She continued the hot and elegant look with her hairstyle. The hair was long and loose and Anna opted for elegant, accenting makeup to complete her stunning looks. Definitely a style that suits Kendrick and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of it.

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