Another eight ways to make your high heels more comfortable

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Another eight ways to make your high heels more comfortableSome high heels look amazing but can also be killer for your feet. Let’s explore a few ways to make your high heels more comfortable with some accessories.

The problems with high heels and pain are all rooted in the unnatural way the foot has to bend which requires a good fit and strong muscles to avoid problems. Another problem is the unnatural shape of the shoes which can cramm the feet or don’t give them enough support.

With a few simple accessories you can add that extra and much needed comfort to your high heels. Most high heels don’t really have good insoles. This is why an orthopedic foam insole might do wonders for the comfort.

Some designer heels do feature such insoles though and they are still are not tha comfortable. This is where the so-called Foot Petals come. They use a high performance urethane called Poron that never goes flat, guaranteed for the lifetime of your shoes!  It is also lightweight, breathable and inhibits growth of bacteria for the utmost comfort and hygiene. The cushions also come in limited edition fun prints that can dress up even the plainest looking pumps.

There are quite a few versions of these foot petals. One of them is Killer Kushionz. They are self-adhesive and can be worn with all types of high heels and boots. Even with open toe models.

Despite their name, Sexy Soles are not meant to be seen. They are for boots and provide extra comfort for your feet, thus making you feel even sexier.

You can also use the Tip Toes. Those are smal cushions that you put under the ball of the foot. They will prevent your feet slipping forward and mushing your toes.

Another option is the Heavenly Heelz. You place these cushions at the back of the shoe. They will prevent your own heel from slipping out from the shoe and will prevent the shoe to scratch the back of your foot.

One of the biggest problems with heels is the need for extra arch support on your foot. This is where Amazing Arches come to pley. They will provide that much needed support.

Sole Stopperz on the other hand will provide extra grip for your high heels. They can also protect the leather soles on your designer heels.

Pair them with SoleMates and you will be able to walk on any surface, even grass. SoleMates are little rubber heel tips that attatch to the… tips of your high heels and give extra grip and surface to step on. They are transparent so are almost invisible at first glance.

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