Another four dangerous items of clothing

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We are all being told time and time again that high heels are dangerous. Skinny jeans, too. But not there is a race to find even more dangerous clothes.

Basically this is getting a little ridiculous. A couple of days ago we wrote about some of the most dangerous clothes according to a specialist. We have been told that all shoes are bad, too.

Now The New Zealand Herald posts yet another list of dangerous clothing. A total of six at that, but we have already covered two of them – high heels and skinny jeans. But what are the rest? You might be surprised.

For example the Ugg boots. They were extremely popular up until Justin Bieber wrote on Twitter they were ugly. They have clawed back some love, but then podiatrists slammed them down again. The Ugg boots are easy to slip on, they don’t offer support for the foot and are a catalyst for flat feet. Podiatry NZ spokeswoman Caron Orelowitz says not only are Ugg boots “hideous and ugly,” they offer no support and shouldn’t be worn as a shoe. Yikes.

Next up – spanx. We’ve been told that wearing too tight clothes is bad and we agree. At the very least they limit movement which brings out pain and discomfort in the long run. Shapewear and spanx though are even more dangerous, as they compress the internal organs which can lead to acid reflux and heartburn to various inner infections. They can even lead to blood clots. Specialists say it is OK to wear them for a special occasion, but that special occasion must be very rare. Definately not once every week or so.

Third on the list is… can you guess? No? Handbags. Yes, those misterious things that hold even more things which disappear inside when you need them the most. And that is part of the problem. Carrying those heavy handbags may be stylish, but in the long run it pulls the shoulder down and puts pressure on the nerves. Pins and needles in the hand and lower arm are a sign you need to stop carrying a handbag. Or at least drastically lower its weight and the amount of items you carry.

Number four – G-strings. German gynecologists have advised women to “wear bigger knickers” or risk skin damage and infections caused by G-strings. Friction from the tight underwear can cause abrasions and spread bacteria leading to fungal infections such as thrush. So… also an item that should be only for special occasions.

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