Another seven ways to minimize pain from high heels

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Another seven ways to minimize pain from high heels

Wearing high heels can lead to pain, especially when your feet aren’t trained and used to the height. But there are a few tips to minimize pain from heels.

The most important one is to learn to walk properly in high heels. We have quite a few guides for that that will help you from the beginning stage, to the graceful stage, to running and dealing with obstacles.

But in this case we will focus on what more you can do to minimize pain from high heels. We will skip over the better fitment and choosing shoes that are lined with leather or something else that is soft and will not scuff your skin.

For a longer day of walking, choose shoes with thicker heels. They give more balance especially when on rough surfaces. But a word of caution. Don’t opt for too thicker heels that are way too high (4-5 inches and above), because this can actually limit your movement and make it even more challenging to wear for longer periods of time. A mid-high, chunky heel is ideal for walking. The sexy stilettos are for more special events, shorter wearing time and when you have more experience handling your heels.

Kaser Nazir from The London Foot Clinic advises not to walk to work in your heels. Stylish low dress shoes that are comfortable are a better choice. When you get to work, you can put on your heels. Most women go for flats, but they can be even worse for your feet than sky high heels.

Heels change the way your leg muscles are shaped. In order to combat this, you must do regular exercises like calf stretching. There are other exercises, too.

Ensure the fit is good by using gel pads and/or cushions.

If you simply can’t resist and want to put on a pair of daring, sky high killer heels, then opt for ones with a platform. Not only will they look extra sexy and will make you even higher, they will lower the angle of your feet and make it easier to walk in for a long time. Again, don’t go for too high platforms as you can more easily lose balance and you will lose the feeling for the ground you are stepping on.

A two-inch heel can help improve your posture and is great for walking.

No matter what high heels you are wearing, do not forget to take breaks. Put your feet up or take the shoes of for a few minutes every now and then. This will make it much easier for your feet to cope and you will feel much better in the long run.

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