Apps for anyone that is obsessed with shoes

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Apps for anyone that is obsessed with shoesOur obsession with footwear clearly needs no introduction. Each pair shows the world a little about ourselves, and has this transformative power that bestows us with the stature and confidence to take us to new heights.

Our shoes are essentially an extension of ourselves, and the fact we’ve become so addicted to expanding our collection indicates just how empowering a pair of pumps can be.

It’s strange to think that men were the first to wear heels, considering that the shoe type is mainly associated with female footwear. For something that seems to hit so naturally to the curvature of our feet, it wasn’t until the 1600s that ladies started obsessing about the height of their shoes, with the Persians being the first people rumored to be sporting heels in the 9th century, according to a post by TodayIFoundOut.

Looking back at some of the historical female fashion icons, many of them were known for other parts of their wardrobe. In the time of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn was the antithesis of the full figured woman’s sex appeal, celebrated for her pixie cut and casual elegance. Traveling further back in history with legendary fashionistas like Marie Antoinette, a trademark of French fashion that introduced the first chemise as an alternative from wearing corsets.

Cleopatra was also a leader in her own time, mixing Greek elements into traditional Egyptian clothing and popularizing the “sphinx makeup.” Truly an Ancient Egyptian wonder, her beauty continues to be the center of attention for people across the industries, being the inspiration for clothing lines as shown by Vogue.

What’s even more impressive is that Cleopatra’s reach doesn’t end with clothing ranges. The iconic Pharaoh is even the focal point for online games, such as the thematic slot title Cleopatra that is one of the most popular titles on the trending gaming provider Pocket Fruity.

For these fashion figures, shoes were hardly the focus of the overall look of these women, but as we fast forward to the present, we now understand that our footwear can be the ultimate deciding factor of whether our outfits are drab or fab. Why else would we have, some would say, a slightly excessive number of shoes in our closets?


While apps like Stylebook are amazing for noting down all your wardrobe items, those that are specifically after something that helps organize their shoes, will be interested in the Shoe Closet app. Snap photos of all your shoes and add important indicators, such as the brand name, color, and any additional notes.

Shoe closet

You can also organize them by category, which you can add on your own, or use the preset categories from the list. After entering all the necessary details per pair, you will have a complete visual catalog for your footwear, both to prevent you from buying the same pair and to help you decide on which shoes look best with your #OOTD.


Dubbed the “Tinder” for shoe lovers, Stylect lets you swipe left or right to determine your desired style for shoes, finding your “true match” by helping form your wish list, and ultimately being your shopping guide as it shares information on where to buy each pair. This is quite possibly the best and most successful “dating app” you will ever come across with.

Have you downloaded any apps for shoe lovers lately? Tell us about your favorite app.

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