Aquazzura sues Ivanka Trump for stealing their high heel designs

Ivanka Trump seems to follow her father’s footsteps when it comes to getting into trouble. Shoe brand Aquazzura is suing her for stealing their high heel designs.

As a whole Ivanka Trump is well liked in the celebrity world. She’s trying to create her own path. One of her endeavors is a shoe brand.

But it seems she has decided to take the easy route and has copied several of the high heels made by Aquazzura. At least this is what the shoe company is saying in a court filing from a few weeks ago. Trump has finally responded.

According to Aquazzura, the Trump shoe line is blatantly copying their high heels. The similarities really are uncanny as seen by several comparison photos posted by Huffington Post.

Trump though denies all allegations. In a court response she says she hasn’t engaged in any “infringement…, unfair competition or deceptive trade practices.”

Aquazzura and Trump's high heels

The word “denies” is used 65 times in the document. Trump’s shoes are made by Mac Fisher. The shoe company also responded. In a separate court filing Fisher wants the case to be thrown out. The company thinks it is without merit.

It is not the first time Fisher has court problems. A few years ago the company lost a copycat design case which Gucci filed and had to pay $5 million.

It’s possible that Trump herself really didn’t know about the problems. Maybe she was just shown a few proposals for designs and she approved them thinking they are original. In any case though it is a mistake by her and her team for not double checking. The case is still pending though, so it may be thrown out by the court.

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