Are 3D printed high heels the future?

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Are 3D printed high heels the future?
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3D printing is slowly making its way into everyday life. The latest creation is a pair of 3D printed high heels that show some of the possibilities of the technology.

What are 3D printed high heels you may ask? 3D printing is a way to create objects from various materials,for example plastic, or even chocolate. 3D printers use special nozzles to heat strands of the material and build the objects. There are various ways to do it and the possibilities are basically limited to the size of the 3D printer as almost all kinds of shapes are possible to be made.

Naturally it was a matter of time before someone started to make 3D printed high heels. There have been quite a lot 3D printed shoes made over the past a couple of years. Most of them were mostly for show though. They weren’t very functional nor comfortable.

BUt professional origami artist Kade Chan has made a pair of 3D printed high heels that may actually be possible to be worn, reports. The 3Doodler High Heels have been made with the 3Doodler 3D printing pen. This is another variation of a 3D printer that allows you to literaly draw the object you want in the air.

Chan has used the 3Doodler to “draw” the shoe on her foot and then turn it into a wearable one. She has also used other traditional shoemaking techniques (for the soles) and some new extra touches. One of them is the actual high heel. It is unsual in shape for a reason.

“Nowadays there are almost no high heels in the market that are absorbing the shock from the ground to your feet. It’s painful for the ladies to wear high heels all day long, and it’s harmful for their bodies because all the shock impact from the ground to the body is absorbed by their spine. Therefore, I would like to design a high heel that can absorb the shock by using a metal spring inside the heels and also use the 3Doodler to create custom high heels according to feet shape, which is more ergonomic”, Chan tells to

So far it is unclear whether Chan will continue her work and start making new designs that people can actually buy. But the ground has been set. We know now that it is possible to make 3D printed high heels. Would other designers start using this method?

Actually the 3Doodler can be bought by anyone so anyone can start making such shoes. Maybe you won’t start seeing 3D printed high heels been worn en masse.

Slowly but surely though we will be seeing more and more cool designs made this way. And one day… who knows. Maybe pictures like these will be an everyday occurrence.

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