Are high heels getting lower in 2015?

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Are high heels getting lower in 2015?
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The 2015 high heels trends are in and it’s time to take a good look at them. This year they will be quite different with some saying heels are getting lower and that actually flats will be the rage.

Happily this is not the case, although the high heels trends for 2015 are quite different that last year’s. High heels will be chunkier, there will be little to no platforms at the toes and you will have to choose from mostly pastel colors. Shiny stuff will still be available of course, but it is not high on the trends lists.

With that being said thoug, there’s no need for you to throw out all of your stilettos, thin heels and platforms. You will always look good in them. When paired with the right outfit, no one will hold you accountable that you are wearing last season’s high heels.

Actually, investment fashion is also shaping up to be sort of a long term trend. This means you can buy less items but ones that are more expensive and will allow you to wear them for a few years. If you like that of course. Some ladies prefer to be able to change their look much more often, so going the cheaper way is a better option.

Want to see the high heels of 2015? We have you covered.

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And the high heels trends for spring and summer 2015 as seen in Milan.

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That being said, we expect quite a few designers to not follow these trends during the year. Christian Louboutin for one is famous for his love for thin heels and we don’t see that changing even if he releases a few trendy pairs.

Do you like these new high heels trends for 2015? Or do you plan to stick with the time proven stilettos and pumps? Let us know in the comments below.

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