Are high heels going out of fashion?

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Are high heels going out of fashionLately a few statements that high heels are dead have popped up here and there on the web. Is that really true? Are high heels going out of fashion? The short answer is not anytime soon.

Don’t worry though. We have some proof to convince you. And it’s not only because there are still millions of women in the world that simply love high heels and will not take them off simply because someone may say they are not in style anymore.

High heels going out of fashion is a myth

Now, someone may say we’re biased because our site is dedicated entirely to high heels. But exactly beacause of that we took these statements that high heels are dead very seriously. We explored this possibility carefully. After all why make a site for something that won’t be here in a couple of years, right?

Well, we can confidently say that high heels are here to stay for a long time to come. Here’s one very good reason.

The luxury shoemaker Jimmy Choo is a company that trades shares on the stock market. And according to Gulfnews and the share issues, their stock is doing very good. It may not be as expensive as their shoes yet, but it is definately gathering the attention of investors.

Analysts say Jimmy Choo is in one of the strongest segments of the luxury goods industry, i.e. shoes and especially high heels. Simply said, there is still an immense market for high heels. And it is looking in good shape if it’s making investors invest in a company that participates in this market.

Even so, Jimmy Choo is still a new stock. Inverstors are traditionally weary about putting money in untried stocks. But they are liking Jimmy Choo which means the company is solid. Which means the market is solid. Which means that high heels are here to stay.

Yes, flat shoes are progressively getting in fashion. They may even eat a little of the pie of heels. But this does not mean that high heels going out of fashion is a trend now. They can coexist with flats. And as we showed, recently, flats can actually be worse for your feet than heels. This means chances are their fame will be shortlived as they’re billed as the everyday alternative to heels which women should use for long walks and save the heels only for the special occasions.

But if flats bring you more pain in the long run than heels, then what’s the point? Might as well opt for kitten heels or platform heels and look both sexy and ease the pain in your feet.

So, yeah, celebrities might start to wear more flats because it’s trendy and their PRs tells them to do it. But we all know that the love to high heels is now very deeply founded in countless of people all over the world. Heels are so loved, they are making investors put money into the companies that make them. If anything, flats won’t kill the high heel but it will make it evolve to the next level. So just to say it one more time: high heels going out of fashion is a myth.

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