Ariana Grande doesn’t take off her high heels even on a casual day off

Ariana Grande is known for her love for high heels. She doesn’t take them off even when she’s trying to go incognito and remain out of the spotlight.

Ariana was flying out of LAX in LA. She wanted to go through the airport without drawing too much attention to herself.

So, she dressed down quite a lot. She opted for an oversized hoodie and jeans. Seems casual enough right?

Well, she couldn’t resist and rocked a pair of platform black high heeled booties. This made people look twice towards her and notice that it is indeed Ariana Grande!

You can guess the rest. She was quickly surrounded by fans who wanted to greet her. Even so, she stayed cool, signed a few autographs and went on her way.

Even the most casual of casual outfits can’t save you from attention when you’re rocking high heels. That’s a lesson learned for everyone.

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