Ariana Grande looks great at her special performance for Disney Parks Christmas Special

Ariana Grande continues her streak of great outfits. The singer looked great in high heels for her special performance for Disney Parks Christmas Special.

The 22 year old singer wore a special polka dot skirt which was reminding us of Mini Mouse’s classic dress. Ariana also had put on the classic Mickey Mouse ears… or in this case Mini Mouse ears. She even posed for pictures with the famous character.

Naturally Ariana was rocking a pair of high heels. In this case her almost trademark black platform high heels. She kept her hair loose and her makeup minimal. Overall another great look for the popular singer.

Allegedly she arrived three hours late with the reasons for that being unknown. She did her best to make up for the issue though with spending time with the fans and giving everything for her performance. Her being late also gave the opportunity to a young singer to wow the crowd with their talent. So this shows that there can always be something good even when bad things happen.

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