Ariana Grande looks stunning in high heels at JFK airport

Ariana Grande has proven she knows how to choose her outfits. Even when you think she is going for full casual she manages to find a way to impress.

This same thing happened just the other day when Ariana was spotted looking stunning at JFK airport in New York. She was accompanied by her friend, Rookie magazine writer Tyler Ford.

Ariana had opted for a pair of skin tight leggings which drew all the attention to her slender legs. She had a fitted top, too but it was barely visible as she carried her jacket, carry-on and shopping bags herself. Ariana had opted for minmal make-up with slightly smoky eyes and tan lipstick. Her look was completed by some jewels a head bandana and of course a pair of sky high killer heels.The heels in guestion were Saint Laurent Tribute with a generous platform at the toes. Thus Ariana can have the extra few inches of height while looking stunning and while keeping the angle of her feet lower so it’s more comfortable.

Ariana knows how to handle her heels quite well as she often wears such footwear, even during the most complex dancing parts of her concerts. She can also afford some expensive high heels. The Tribute by Saint Laurent cost more than 830 dollars so they might just be out of the price range of some of us.

Steve Madden has similar heels that go for about 100 dollars which is much cheaper. There are even cheaper heels, but you risk not that good design and shape of the shoe with cheap ones which can result in discomfort and pain. So if you can’t affort the expensive designer heels, settling for the mid-range is a great option and alternative.

If you want to see more of Ariana, check out our special gallery of her best pictures in high heels.

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