Ariana Grande wows by arriving in Japan in an animal costume and high heels

Ariana Grande is famous for her taste in clothes and high heels. But sometimes she likes to mix things up a bit. Like in a trip to Japan in high heels and an animal costume.

When they get off the plane most celebrities are either very tired or dressed very casually for the long trip. But not Ariana Grande. She arrived in Tokyo and wowed the people at the airport by walking around in a pink costume with a fluffy tail and hair buns in the shape of ears.

Her costume wasn’t entirely fitted and was showing of some of Ariana’s slim figure. To make it even more unique, the young singer had opted for a pair of black platform high heels made by Saint Laurent. The model in question is Tribute and is often Ariana’s first choice when travelling. Yes, some women travel in sneakers or flats, Ariana Grande prefers a pair of platform killer heels.

Upon arriving at the airport Ariana was greeted by hundreds of her fans. She took the time to sign autographs and take pictures with her fans. It seems her unusual outfit was a tribute to the local anime culture. As was her make-up done with traditional Japanese-style eyeliner.

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