Bai Ling provokes rocking high heels in Hollywood

Bai Ling will definitely go down as one of if not the most provocative celebrities in Hollywood. At least when it comes to her fashion style.

While many celebrities are quite provocative on screen and on stage, they are quite normal in their daily lives and events. Bai Ling is somewhat the opposite.

She is pretty much always overly provocative, especially at events. A few days ago she was at the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

And there was nothing comic about her appearance. Quite the opposite, she was confident and daring.

Bai opted for an interesting outfit, which features sheer leggings and a revealing cut out top. On top Bai rocked a bolero-style jacket which kept “some” of her hidden.

Ling completed her outfit with a pair of elegant ankle-strapped high heels. Actually, the heels were among Ling’s “conventional” shoes. Usually she opts for quite striking shoes, sky high platforms and colors.

This time she decided to keep it simple and opted for more restrained heels. Bai is a big fan of high heels and pretty much always picks them as a main focus of her outfits.

The same goes for her hairstyles. They are always different and striking. This time her hairdo was more traditional. She even opted for less makeup and only accented her features to complete her look.

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