Bella Hadid and her memorable street style at the 2018 New York Fashion Week

Over the past a couple of years Bella Hadid has established herself as one of the top names in the fashion industry. She is also making her name known for her fashion choices when she’s out and about, too. This was obvious during the 2018 New York Fashion Week.

Bella was quite busy during the New York Fashion Week. She was at many events, but also stole the show quite a few times with her street style.

One thing is sure. Bella does not stray away from the unusual. She’s more than happy to experiment with fashion items and outfits. Most of the time she seems to hit the bullseye with ease.

We are sure though there’s a lot of thought and try outs behind the scenes for every outfit Bella decides to rock. Or she’s just that good at fashion and doesn’t need much time to choose her outfits and knows instantly what will work.

The 2018 New York Fashion Week was a great example of this. Bella rocked several street style outfits which ranged from the classic casual, to the very unusual. All of them were quite good, though. Some were even memorable. So, if you want some great street style ideas, Bella is your girl.

For example, this one. Bella showed off a grunge style after the Michael Kors show. She rocked a denim jacket, plad-and-brown shirt and brown leather pants

Bella also opted for lace-up platform booties. They were also brown with chunky heavy-duty platforms and block high heels. Bella completed her look with a hat and almost a no-makeup style.

Hadid also impressed with another unusual combination. A couple of days later she opted for a puffer jacket with orange sleeves and a T-shirt.

And that’s about it. Bella drew the attention to her supermodel legs which were in black stockings and fully transparent high heel booties.

Back to the more casual and elegant looks. Bella also impressed in more classic and elegant styles. one of them featured a colorful striped jacket and classic blue jeans.

Bella again kept true to her daring style opting to wear nothing under the jacket. The jeans though were a classic style and paired with classic brown cowboy style boots. Only here were more elegant with pointed toes and rounded high heels

Another classic look with blue jeans now. This one featured the same jeans, but teamed with a loose black shirt and a sporty black jacket. Bella also donned a long scarf.

She also opted for different footwear for this outfit. Bella rocked a pair of classic Louboutin black high heel pumps. They had pointed toes and very thin and very high heels. This one shows how similar clothes can look very, very different, depending on how you mix and match them. It also gives us quite a few street style ideas to try out.

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