Bella Hadid chooses sky high heels *for walking* in Paris

Bella Hadid is known for her brave fashion choices and footwear. And for her playful, even cheeky style. So, her latest choice wasn’t much of a surprise.

Bella is in Paris for the Fashion Week and is very.. fashionable, as always. She was seen out and about in a stylish blue outfit and daring high heels.

But what set the shoes apart from the rest were the additional tags on them. They featured cheeky labels *For Walking* on the sides of the toe boxes.

It was a very obvious play on the fact that shoes with such thin sky high heels are definitely not made for walking. Bella obviously disagrees and shows us that you can in fact walk in such shoes and make it look easy.

As for the rest of the outfit, it was also quite elegant. It was a blue suit with slightly ripped seams to make iut appear as ripped jeans. Underneath Bella rocked a fitted black shirt.

Bella kept her hair in a tight bun and rocked elegant sunglasses to keep her eyes hidden. She stuck to her preferred nude colored lip glossĀ and looked quite elegant.

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