Bella Hadid looks stunning with a new look and high heels and the Bulgari store opening in NY

Bella Hadid is back in the spotlight. She was at the new Bulgari flagship store opening in New York and sported a new look and stunning high heels.

After spending a few months with a short hair, Bella is now back to the long hair club. This is great as we think the long hair suits her better.

She also continued the tradition of choosing quite stunning and provocative dresses for these events. This time was no exception.

Bella rocked a body hugging long white dress with an asymmetric shoulder line. Also, the right sleeve was covered with sparkling studs.

The dress featured a high slit above the right leg which showed off Bella’s footwear. She was wearing a pair of sky high platform heels. The shoes had platforms on the thicker side and were covered in glitter.

Bella opted to keep her new hairstyle in a double split ponytail. She kept true to her almost no-makeup but accented look. A wide necklace and a sparkling clutch purse completed her elegant, but provocative and confident look.

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