Bella Hadid once again impresses with stunning style at the Cannes Film Festival

For yet another year in a row, Bella Hadid wowed at the Cannes Film Festival with her style. This time though Bella opted for more classy and elegant style. Up until now she rocked mainly highly provocative dresses to great success.

This year Bella is changing her style. She once again impresses with her style and choice of dresses.

One of the impressive choices of Bella was for the screening of ‘Ash Is The Purest White’ at the 71st annual Cannes Film Festival. Given that there’s quite a few more days left of the Festival, we expect that Bella will impress with even more outfits.

Until then though, this is the one that really impressed us. It was a very long, cream-colored dress with a long train on the floor behind her.

Embed from Getty Images

The dress was shoulder-less and featured a fitted top which then flowed very long. So long, that Bella had to hold most of the skirt of the dress as she was walking.

Bella teamed the elegant dress with a pair of silver high heels. They were with a classic style, too. The shoes featured thin silver heels and two thick straps, again in shiny silver color.

Handling them along with the long dress must have been quite the challenge. Especially when you consider the long stairs.

Embed from Getty Images

All of this though provided for some beautiful pictures as Hadid modeled the dress. She also impressed with her long black hair to which she seems to be coming back to.

Bella also rocked accenting makeup and a big pearl necklace with a matching bracelet. As a result, Bella looked very impressive and wowed us quite a lot. It’s great when the style is so elegant and well done.

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