Bella Hadid shows off a new daring look in a short leather skirt and sky high heels

After a little break from the spotlight, Bella Hadid is back. And she has a new look which is an interesting combination between daring and elegant.

A couple of days ago Bella was in London and re-debuted her new shorter hairstyle. This time with a few small, subtle changes to make it a bit more elegant.

We can pretty much say the same for her outfit and high heels. It was both simple, stylish and also daring. The way Bella presented it also added to that notion.

It starts with a simple and elegant vest which featured a fur collar and furry bobs at the end of the long sleeves. Bella rocked the black vest which revealed a classic white T-shirt.

The shirt was tightly fitted and tucked into a pleated black leather skirt with a wrap-around design. The skirt had a loose fit and reached to just above Bella’s thighs.

Added extra attention to her legs with a pair of elegant strapped high heels. They featured pointy toes and lace-up designs. As a finishing touch, Bella added a tiny black leather handbag which also featured a furry accent.

She opted for minimal makeup with a dash of eyeliner and lip gloss. Bella also showed off her powerful supermodel stride to further add to her daring, but elegant look.

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