Bella Hadid wows in a stunning dress and high heels at a cocktail party in Rome

Bella Hadid is certainly enjoying a new high in her popularity. She seems to take advantage of that, exploring her fashion tastes more and more.

One thing is for sure. Bella certainly does love daring and revealing evening dresses. They are even turning into her specialty as most events are showing.

The latest one is no exception. Bella as at the Goldea The Roman night cocktail and dinner in Rome last nigh. And she once again stunned in a very daring dress.

Bella opted for a long bronze dress with a shiny top and a lace-ish skirt. The dress featured a wide and high split at the front, showing off her entire legs. She opted for a similar design in Cannes, where that resulted in some wardrobe malfunctions.

This time the dress had laces which allowed her to choose where the split should end. Even so, that didn’t seem to change her mind about the style – dangerously high. Bella rocked the dress with supreme confidence and teamed it with a pair of matching nude colored high heels.

The shoes were a classic design with pointy toes and thin, elegant heels. They even seemed a bit modest in contrast to her dress.

Bella changed her hairstyle too. Despite having short hair now, she made it even shorter by pulling it to the back in a small bun. Some accenting makeup and jewels completed her daring new look.

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