Bella Hadid wows in a stunning red sequin dress and lace-up booties at the TAG Heuer store opening in London

Bella Hadid has had quite the year, including for her fashion game. She wowed once again in a stunning dress and heels at the TAG Heuer store in London.

If you want your event to be remembered, then simply make sure Bella will be there in an evening dress. This has been pretty much the gist of things this year.

Bella rocked some incredible dresses at official events all year long. For many the outfit was inspired by the Santa Claus stuff, but with Bella’s take on it. While the colors do certainly match, we think the goal was simple – to look as stunningly as possible.

And Bella for sure did accomplish this for the launch of her limited edition watch “Bella Hadid”. You guessed it, the dress was with an asymmetrical style as per the new top trend in the celeb world.

It was a body-hugging dress, staying close to Bella’s body and shaping it all the way down to the floor. The long sequin dress had a classic backless style and a back split to help walking.

This revealed Bella’s footwear which was equally impressive. Hadid rocked a pair of lace-up patent high heel booties. They are made by Liudmila and will set you back a hefty $1200.

Bella arrived at the event rocking a white coat with a furry collar. She kept the coat with slouched shoulders and it was mostly for appearance. She then removed the coat to reveal her stunning dress in full.

Bella kept true to her classic makeup style, too. She opted for a dash of eyeliner and a very noticeable shade of red lipstick. Hadid kept her hair straight and loose. It was definitely one of her best and most stunning looks all year. So for that she certainly gets our attention. And it also shows why she’s been one of our top favorites for some time now.

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