Bella Hadid wows in denim and black high heeled booties in Beverly HIlls

Bella Hadid is living it up right now. She had a tremendous spring with lots of events and stunning outfits. Now, she seems to be ready for the summer, too.

Bella is also using her free time to the fullest. She was recently seen out and about in Beverly Hills meeting up with friends.

And she had the stunning outfit to do so. It was the definition of casual denim, but with a hefty doze of provocativeness.

Bella rocked a classic black tank top which she teamed with a ripped denim jacket. The top was tucked into a classic A-shaped short denim skirt. It also had a slightly ripped effect at the lower part, but not as extreme as the jacket.

Bella then decided to add some extra glamour and style to her look. So, she opted for a pair of slip-on black high heeled booties. Or cut booties with the top part missing, you decide.

The point is, the shoes added some classy, high fashion style to her look. They featured peep-toe design and thin high heels which Bella handled with ease.

She also opted for a few more jewels than usual. She rocked a necklace, bracelet, rings, all in silver. A pair of round sunglasses completed her look. Bella kept her hair loose and opted for only a dash of accenting makeup for a casual, but stylish look.

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