Bella Thorne rocks studded high heels for a day out in LA

Bella Thorne has taken quite some time off from high heels and glamorous outfits. It seems though she’s slowly coming back to the style.

There was a time when Bella rocked the most stunning and daring of high heels. For the past year or so she preferred sneakers and other shoes and neglected heels unless for very special events.

Now though they are coming back to her wardrobe. And they are coming back with full force as seen a day or so ago in LA.

Bella was seen going out with friends and rocked her typical daring style but with an added elegant twist. Her outfit featured a fitted checkered crop top which she paired with a red leather pants.

The pants were also with a tight fit and shaped Bella’s legs quite well. They had a low waist band, thus revealing her toned waist and belly. She also carried a black leather biker jacket in case it gets a bit chilly in the evening.

And then came the footwear. Bella rocked Louboutin high heels which acted both as booties, but with the front cut out and with straps and lots and lots of studs.

The shoes also featured classic pointed toes and very thin and very high heels. Even so, Bella handled them with ease.

She completed her look by keeping her hair long and loose and adding colorful, accenting makeup most of which she kept hidden by big rounded sunglasses. Still, Bella looked great and was in a great mood and that’s always great to see. A lot of greatness 🙂

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