Bella Thorne stuns in daring leather, lace and heels for a party

Well, we can safely say she’s back! After a few months of little to no action, Bella Thorne is back as daring as ever in leather, lace and high heels.

Bella was at Rae Sremmurd’s Birthday Party at The Think Tank Art Gallery in Los Angeles. She looked as daring as ever and she’s known to pull off a few daring looks before.

Bella opted for a complex, but very stunning outfit. Leather was the main feature of it and done quite well.

Thorne opted for a pair of tight red leather pants. They shaped her already stunning legs very nicely.

For a top, she chose a lace… well, it’s lingerie, there’s no other way of saying it. Bella threw a black leather biker jacket on her shoulders to complete the main part of her outfit.

Bella rocked a pair of Louboutin strapped high heels. They featured a lot of studs and sky high thin heels. She handled them with ease.

Bella also opted for quite a lot of jewels for her look. She completed it with a dash of accenting makeup and a new hairstyle. Well, mostly a new color which is now mostly dark blue. It actually suits her quite well.

Bella has been on a roll lately. If this is her new style, we can expect quite a few more provocative outfits from her in the near future.

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