Bella Throne goes beyond daring in high heels at Y100’s Jingle Ball 2016

Bella Thorne is back in the spotlight and is more daring than ever. She quickly reminded us that she knows how to drive you wild with ease. Here’s why.

Bella had a busy weekend with a major event. She was at Y100’s Jingle Ball 2016. What? It’s just yet another Christmas party?

True, but this one is a bit special. At least Bella decided to make it so. So, she showed us her new, improved and even more daring look than before.

Bella rocked a silver leather jacket which she simply threw on her shoulders. For a top she opted for a cutout mesh and sequin top which left little to the imagination.

A pair of low-waisted white fitted jeans added to her look. Her entire belly, and a bit above it, were visible and Bella showed off her toned lines.

Bella added to her outfit even more by opting for a pair of studded white high heels. They had pointy toes and thin high heels which she rocked with ease.

She opted for little makeup, but accenting her eyes and lips. Her hair was long and loose with rainbow colors at the ends.

And before the event, Bella showed off some of her daringness at the beach, too. She went there again rocking a cutout top and patent boots on low chunky heels.

Because, yes, boots and beaches go hand in hand. It kind of suited her, though.

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