The best high heels to wear for work

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The best high heels to wear for workMillions of women wear high heels to work every day. This can be a challenge and very painful if the heels are not chosen properly. Here are the best heels to wear for work.

Office heels can and should be comfortable. They can also look superb and stylish. The trick with picking up shoes to wear for the office is to keep it simple, stylish and to not go overboard.

Many women make these mistakes when choosing shoes for work. They go for very high or overly dressy heels which do look great on them, but look out of place in the office and are not really that comfortable for a whole day working.

An always working and everlasting style is the black high heel pump. It will look great in every office and occasion. The same goes for clean black knee high boots. But what if you want some more color and style? You can have it, as long as it is tasteful.

For example you can opt the most formal option – pointy pumps from a designer like Gianvito Rossi. They’re known for being extra comfortable thanks to their clear PVC panels as opposed to regular stiff ones. The clear panels also show some skin, so they’re much more playful than traditional pumps. There are also version which mix and match two colors like black with red accents for example.

Sandal heels are a with chunky heels are another option that rises in popularity. They give better support and are more comfortable than a thin heel. The Schutz sandals from Level Shoe District are a nice option, especially if you go for the nude shade. It goes with everything and has a ‘barely there’ appearance which looks quite playful with formal office wear.

Another option is to mule heels. They are comfortable and versatile and you can pair them with almost anything for almost everything. You can wear them with a suit for a formal look, a skirt for a night out, and jeans for a casual day out.

Schutz’s Juliana cage sandals are more comfortable than most sandal heels because the cage keeps your feet in place and offers more support. The material is also very soft, so it does not smother your feet. Some say a nifty tip is to opt for heels that are open from the back with just a strap to hold them in place. This puts less pressure on your feet than completely closed shoes, but you have to see if the style and feel works for you.

Open-toed heels are also great for work. While most of them can be extremely plain, some pairs from designers like Nicholas Kirkwood have an eye-catching feature. Aren’t the pearls a genius touch?

Heels with studded jewels, stones, bows and so on can also work and make a great outfit and look for your day at the office. The message here is that you can now safely experiment with various high heel styles. All you have to to is remember to keep it simple and avoid too bright colors and too daring heels and/or platforms. Keep it simple and stylish and you will do great.

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