Beyonce wows in a lace dress and high heels in Brooklyn

Beyonce is back in the spotlight! And of course, she did it with full force! She wowed in a lace dress and high heels at the Tidal X 10/15 concert in NY.

Beyonce knows how to remind the world of herself. She rocked the event in the way only she can.

She appeared wearing a stunning long dress. It featured lace, mesh and sheer parts and a whole lot of added jewels.

They were all black and styled in a tribal motive. Beyonce also added some matching wristbands to compete her look. She also rocked a pair of stylish Louboutin high heels. They were black, with pointy toes and stylish stilettos.

The famous singer styled her hair in a very long ponytail. She rocked toned makeup which was accenting her without going overboard.

She looked great and made sure you know it, too. She took her time to pose for photos, not shying away from every angle. Her impressive outfit certainly looked good on her.

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