Bionda Castana aims to make one of the most comfortable high heels

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Image credit: Bionda Castana
The Bay high heels / Image credit: Bionda Castana

Bionda Castana is famous for their designer high heels that look quite different that the rest. There is also function behind the styling aiming to be comfortable as possible.

Bionda Castana was founded in 2007 by Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman. It is a brand that makes handbags, some bridal accessories and high heels. Lots of high heels.

For the Fall 2013 collection the company shows a new pair of high heels called Lana. Apart from the brave design, another thing made people take notice of these heels – the materials used and mainly the mesh.

“When wearing heels, our feet naturally swell. The soft mesh keeps our feet comfortable and this style doesn’t rub the way a leather-lined pump would in warm weather or after long wear on the red carpet”, says Natalia Barbieri to the Wall Street Journal.

The mesh allows the shoes to mold themselves onto the feet of the wearer according to almost all changes to them as times goes by. Thus strain on the feet is minimized and comfort is increased.

The Lana heels are made from over 60 pieces of leather, fabric and mesh. Bionda Castana is currently developing two more versions of this pair. They will feature 10 cm high heels and 7.5 centimeters. These two new versions will be offered alongside the original Lana heels that use 12.5 cm heels. They should be available by next fall.

The company is producing more than 700 pairs per season, Natalia adds. There are also quite a few spin-off styles that give different looks but still incorporate the comfortable mesh.

“The Dekota is almost like Lana’s sister. We wanted to cover the foot a little more, ever so slightly, and add extra support”, says Barbieri.

And even if you can’t find a design that works for you, Bionda Castana can make you a pair of high heels up to your requirements. The company has a custom section where you can order custom high heels that will be made for you in Italy within four weeks.

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