Blake Lively goes shopping for high heels in a stunning dress and shoes

Blake Lively is one of the biggest celebrity fans of high heels out there. She has a special love for Christian Louboutin’s heels and has a big collection.

But, as big as it is, it is not never enough. So Blake often goes shopping for more. She was recently spotted going from her hotel in New York to the local Louboutin boutique.

Even for such a casual occasion though, Blake was looking incredible. The star rocked a gorgeous red floral dress by Michael Kors from his Spring 2016 collection which even is not in the stores, yet. The 28-year-old actress accessorized with rings, round gray glares and a black leather bag with gold chain strap and front clasp.

She also rocked a pair of black, studded Louboutin high heels to give the feminine dress a more powerful and daring look. Blake was visibly feeling great, rocking confident strides and smiling to the onlookers.

The media is actually split on whether Blake bought anything from the boutique or not. Some publications claim she got the studded heels, but it seems that’s not the case. Blake was spotted leaving her hotel wearing them already. But she didn’t leave the store carrying anything. Maybe she was just going to check out the latest additions? Or possibly she chose new shoes and opted to have them delivered?

In any case Blake was spotted the next day again, rocking a different pair of Louboutin’s heels. This time sky high booties that were matching her leather leggings. Were those the new shoes she got? We can only guess. What we do know is that Blake looked great in both pairs.

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